Exterior view of ICON Yachts showing M/Y Basmalina II moored in the 300m of secure berthing.

Refit, repair, remodel, maintain. We work closely with our client teams to deliver outstanding results with speed and efficiency

We have the location, access, facilities, management and expertise that your project needs. But more important is the commitment and passion we dedicate to achieving your goals.

ICON enjoys a special relationship with many of the world’s leading Captains. They entrust their vessels to ICON because we offer everything they need right where they need it.

A breath of fresh air, from rapid start to successful outcome.

Our Services

  • Class surveys and approvals with all major classification societies.
  • Interior refits, upgrades, soft furnishings, varnish work, specialists in marble works in solid or lightweight honeycomb substrate.
  • Modernization of audio and video systems to the latest technologies.
  • Paint and fairing work with certified and proven systems in co-operation with independent paint specialists.
  • Repaint service, including filler work, can be completed in the Caribbean-Mediterranean interval.
  • Blasting and anti-fouling systems, tank treatments. Specialist for new build, replacement or repair of composite structures, masts or exterior styling elements.
  • Specialists in system upgrades and refurbishments such as propulsion systems, underwater gears, re-propping and LED lighting.
  • Exhaust modifications solving back pressure problems and soot deposit prevention.
  • Engine room system updates to meet the latest requirements.
  • Hull or appendage modifications. Bulbous bow work can be completed within 4 weeks using our CNC-prefab technology.
  • Stability analysis and inclining experiments to classification. Includes updating stability booklets & hydrostatics documentation.
  • Measuring and digitizing existing hulls.