Why a conversion?

Be part of her story.

When you embark on a conversion project, you become part of a unique story - a new and exciting chapter in the life of a significant world-class vessel.

Save time.

Compared with a new build, a conversion project can be turned around swiftly. It saves time in the yard, so you can soon be on the ocean.

Reduce costs.

Because the basic structure is pre-existing, your conversion project spends less time in the yard, resulting in lower costs.

Make a wise investment.

We work with very carefully selected donor vessels, already built to an exceptionally high standard, providing you with the best possible value for your investment.

Reach remote locations and explore the world.

Our conversion donors are often world-class commercial ice-breaking vessels. We retain that capability whilst completely upgrading and refitting the luxury space. So we can deliver a truly luxurious superyacht with incredible range and the ability to explore the most remote areas of the planet.