Exterior view of ICON Yachts showing M/Y Basmalina II moored in the 300m of secure berthing.

Our large dry dock (150m long, 50m wide and 10m deep) can accommodate four 70m vessels simultaneously, or up to six 50m yachts, with a mast clearance height of 28m at NAP. We have 500m of secure protected mooring in a sheltered deep-water harbour, unrestricted by locks, dykes or bridges.


  1. 150m covered and heated dry dock with 7.5m maximum draft
  2. 200 ton overhead crane with 12m outreach
  3. 300m of secure berthing with 6.5m draft
  4. 1200sqm of secure and heated storage buildings sectioned per project
  5. 4500 ton Syncrolift
  6. ICON main offices on site overlooking refit projects
  7. Co-makers on site workshops
  8. 800 sqm of crew/captains offices & facilities on site for 50+ people
  9. Steel section buildings
  10. Steel workshop and special assemblies
  11. Helicopter landing facility
  12. Canteen
  13. Interior workshop

If you would like a guided tour of the yard, please get in touch. We’d be delighted to show you all that we can offer your next project.